Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Underage Drinking Party at Gravel Pit in Appleton - August 15, 2015

On Saturday night, August 15th, Knox County Sheriff's Deputies responded to an anonymous complaint of a party at a gravel pit off of Collinstown Road in Appleton. The complaint was received just prior to 11 p.m.

When deputies arrived on-scene, they estimated there were approximately 50 people around a bonfire in the gravel pit. Many people ran for the woods as deputies arrived.

10 juveniles were summonsed for Illegal Possession of Liquor by a Minor
1 juvenile was summonsed for possession of tobacco
4 minor adults: Jade Snider, 19, of Union, Angela Hickman, 19, of Rockland, Alexis Stone, 18, of Rockland, and Matthew Leigh, 19, of Washington, were summonsed for Illegal Possession of Liquor by a Minor.

Of the approximate 30 people who stayed, those of legal age were identified and allowed to leave along with the others once deputies identified sober drivers. Three vehicles were towed due to there being no identified owners/operators.

The Knox County Sheriff's Office has obtained grant monies to help combat underage drinking enforce and Operating Under the Influence laws as the summer winds down. Working with other local law enforcement agencies there will be continued efforts throughout the coming months through Sobriety Checkpoints around the County. Our ultimate goal is to check as many vehicles as possible and hopefully find as few violations as possible, ensuring the safety of our youth and roadways.

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