Monday, December 7, 2015

Fatal Crash on Wotton's Mill Road in Union - December 6, 2015

The Knox County Sheriff's Office is investigating a crash that claimed the lives of two teenagers and sent a third teenager to the hospital for what is believed to be non-life threatening injuries. The crash occurred just before midnight on Wotton's Mill Road in Union.

The 17-year-old driver, Caleb Byras, of Litchfield, Maine, and a passenger, 16-year-old Kara Brewer of Rockland, were both pronounced dead at the scene. The other passenger, a 17-year-old female from Warren, was transported by Union Ambulance to the hospital.

Approximately an hour prior to the crash, Rockport Police Officer Craig Cooley had stopped and summonsed driver, Caleb Byras, for speeding. At that time, Mr. Byras had been alone in the vehicle at that time. When Officer Cooley again clocked Mr. Byras an hour later speeding again, he attempted to stop the vehicle on Route 17 in Rockport. Officer Cooley notified the Knox Regional Communications Center that the car was not stopping on his signal to do so, and was headed west on Route 17.

Officer Cooley pursued the vehicle until he lost sign of the car after turning onto Wotton's Mill Road. He notified the Communications Center that he would continue down Wotton's Mill Road to look for the vehicle. More than two miles down the road, Officer Cooley came upon a crash involving the vehicle he had attempted to stop. The car had crossed over to the other side of the road, gone off the road, and crashed into a tree. The force of the impact split the car into two sections, killing the driver and the front seat passenger, who were both pronounced dead at the scene.

Hope and Union Fire assisted on scene and the crash is being reconstructed and mapped by the Maine State Police.

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