Thursday, January 21, 2016

Knox County Sheriff's Office Employee Awards for 2015

On Sunday, January 17th, the Knox County Sheriff's Office recognized some of its employees.
Corrections Officer Angela Escorsio was selected as the Corrections Officer of the Year for 2015. Angela is confident, reliable, and trustworthy. She is a prime example of the benefits of hiring veterans.
Corrections Officer Angela Escorsio and Sheriff Donna Dennison
Deputy Jeremy Joslyn was selected as the Deputy of the Year for 2015. Jeremy is credited with lifesaving support after responding to a drug overdose by performing CPR until the ambulance arrived with Narcan. He is also the County's K-9 officer, handling both a bloodhound search dog and a drug dog. He has been a big asset to the department.
Deputy Jeremy Joslyn and Sheriff Donna Dennison

Jail Administrative Assistant Heidi Norweg was selected as the Employee of the year for 2015 for the Sheriff's Department. Heidi has proven herself many times over as the Administrative Assistant at the Jail. She is always willing to help others even though she is often very busy with her own work. Her positive attitude is certainly a virtue. She never brings her problems to work, nor does she complain.

Jail Administrative Assistant Heidi Norweg

Please join us in congratulating these amazing employees!

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