Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Knox County Sheriff's Office Honors Its Employees

On the night of February 4th, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office held its annual employee recognition banquet at “The Landings” restaurant in Rockland.  There were approximately 50 people in attendance to see those receiving awards for accomplishments made in 2016. Sheriff Dennison recognized 6 people total for their heroic and leadership duties as members of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, and one person with a special recognition for his service to the Office as well as the whole community of Knox County.  

The first two recipients of awards were for lifesaving actions in the course of duty. 

Corrections Officer Dennis Palmer rescued an inmate one night from attempting to harm himself in the cell he was in. The inmate had made no communications or signs of wanting to harm themselves, but due to Officer Palmer’s quick response, the person was saved and assisted to get the help they needed.

Lt. Patrick Polky was on duty the night of September 7, 2016 when he responded to a call that a person had communicated to dispatch that he was in distress. Upon Lt. Polky’s arrival, as he was exiting his cruiser, he heard a gunshot. Lt. Polky initially took a defensive tactical response not knowing whether he was being shot at or not.  Once he verbally engaged with the subject he saw that the person had shot himself.  Lt. Polky immediately called for EMS response and began lifesaving measures as the person had shot himself in the chest. The person has since recovered from his wounds and is back to work. 

Two supervisors were recognized for their leadership in the jail and patrol. Sgt. Elmer Sweetland and Sgt. Matthew Elwell, respectively, were awarded “Supervisor of the Year” citations for their work as leaders within the organization. 

Brandon Mosher was awarded “Corrections Officer of the Year” and Paul Spear as “Deputy of the Year”. Both were recognized for their work ethic and attitude as being outstanding in their profession. 

Sheriff Dennison presented a special award to Walker Hutchins of “Burpee, Carpenter, and Hutchins Funeral Home” of Rockland. Sheriff Dennison thanked him for all the work he has done and helped us with over the years. Chief Deputy Carroll stated, “We wanted to recognize a person that we; unfortunately, see during troubling times in our professions. There is no better man, in his profession, than Walker Hutchins. When times are at their worst, Walker has a calming affect for all involved. I can speak for us in law enforcement, that even we feel better and know that things are going to be o.k. when Walker shows up on scene. This community is very fortunate to have someone like Walker in it.” 

Elmer Sweetland, Officer Brandon Mosher, Sgt. Matthew Elwell, Sheriff Dennison, Chief Deputy Carroll, Deputy Paul Spear, Lt. Patrick Polky.  Missing is Officer Dennis Palmer.

Sheriff Donna Dennison, Walker Hutchins, Chief Deputy Tim Carroll

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