Friday, July 22, 2016

Domestic Violence Incident on Vinalhaven - Jeremy Vandyne arrested - July 21, 2016

Just prior to midnight on July 21st, Knox County Deputy Sheriff Justin Hills responded to a domestic complaint on Vinalhaven.  The complainant stated that she was walking home when a juvenile had approached her asking for help as a Jeremy Vandyne and a woman were fighting. The juvenile stated that Jeremy had tried to choke him as well. 

Deputy Hills arrived at the residence and spoke with the woman regarding the complaint. Vandyne was not at the residence at the time, but showed up a short time later. The victim stated that she had been thrown down twice onto the floor and threatened to have her “head bashed in”. Vandyne had received a cut on the hand by a knife that was involved in the altercation with the two victims. 

Jeremy Vandyne, 44, of Vinalhaven was arrested and charged with three domestic violence charges of Assault and Criminal Threatening, Class D, and Aggravated Assault, Class B Felony. He was transported to Knox County Jail with the assistance of the Maine Marine Patrol. Vandyne remains in custody at this time. 


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