Friday, September 4, 2015

Knox County K-9's, Past and Present

Knox County has had a variety of K-9's over the years. Here are the most recent K-9's to work with Knox County Deputies:

Current Sergeant John Palmer with K-9 Jake.

K-9 Jake is a drug sniffing dog.
Deputy Jeremy Joslyn and K-9 Gunner not long after Gunner
first came to Knox County as a puppy before learning to be a tracking K-9.
K-9 Gunner is now all grown up and trained to track.
Former Deputy Danielle Welch and K-9 Boomer.
Former Sergeant Steve Burns and K-9 Irko.

 Irko was a skilled police dog and tracker. Irko unfortunately passed away while Sgt. Burns was deployed to Iraq.

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