Monday, March 21, 2016

Disorderly Conduct in Union - March 17, 2016

Knox County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a reported disorderly female call on South Union Rd. in Union just after 3:00 p.m. yesterday.  Caller had told Knox County Regional Communications that the female was highly intoxicated and threatening people at the house.  Just prior to arriving, dispatch informed Deputy Nathaniel Jack and Sgt. John Palmer that the female was attempting to leave and the caller was trying to stop her from getting in the vehicle.  As the Deputies arrived, the vehicle was on the road and heading south on South Union Rd. (RT.131).  Deputy Jack activated blue lights and then siren to attempt to have the operator stop the vehicle.  According to the deputies following, she was operating erratically and was failing to stop.  The two Deputies tried to stop the driver, later identified as Amy Gray, 48, of Union down Rt. 131, onto Wotton’s Mill Rd., back to Rt. 17.  Gray turned west onto Rt. 17 and drove back to South Union Rd. and eventually pulled back into the driveway she had previously left.  Deputies were concerned for her condition and the manner that she was operating all over the road.  There were 4 other responding units trying to get into position to possibly attempt to “spike” the tires with deflation devices, but didn’t get there.

It’s always that fine line that law enforcement officers face, that is it too dangerous to chase or are you better off staying with the vehicle being a warning of lights and siren that alert people that something is coming?  Aside from the speed being driven, deputies have to rely on the information received as that she was “highly intoxicated” and her operation was “all over the road.”  A decision that a law enforcement officer will be criticized highly for if something should go wrong either way.  We are very grateful that this ended well with no one hurt and a reckless, drunk driver was taken off the road safely.  Gray was arrested and charged with,  Domestic Assault (Class D), Operating Under the Influence (Class D), Attempting to Elude an Officer (Class C Felony),  Driving to Endanger (Class E), Failure to Stop for an Officer (Class E), and Criminal Speeding (Class E). 

Gray was very uncooperative throughout the event and at one point tried to tie something around her neck when she was placed in a cell.  A corrections officer immediately went in and was able to pull the item off her, but she became very combative with that officer.  Deputy Jack tried to assist in getting her under control and she would not comply.  An electronic control device was used as a “drive stun” for 1 second to have her comply in getting under control without hurting the officers or herself. 

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